Prycize Midi Photographer's Height Gauge on a camera screen next to a small subject object.  Main Hero Banner - Prycize Registered Trademark - Patent Pending - Registered Design

We all love looking at photos of trinkets, collectibles, toys and many other small objects.

Often it can be difficult to convey the size of an object when taking a photograph.

Introducing Prycize® - The Photographer's Height Gauge

Designed with photography in mind:


 For use on any substantially horizontally level surface.  Perfect for use with light boxes and cycloramas letting you focus on taking beautiful photographs

Sleek Design

Ensuring the minimal amount of frame space is used in order to provide a visible measurement, allowing the focus to remain on the subject object.    


Numerals, characters and scales are machine engraved and then hand painted to give crisp contrast and maximum clarity when viewed in a photograph.

Surface Finish

Our specially developed lacquering process provides a subtle satin finish, retaining the metallic lustre of the aluminium while reducing its reflectiveness. 

Quality Materials

Each Prycize® Tool is precision machined from a solid billet of aerospace grade aluminium

"Amazing product! It makes showing photos of my homemade jewellery to friends so much easier"

Stephanie Wright

"Works well in my light box, provides good contrast, and is a useful focal point when using my smartphone to take photos"

Pete Coldwell

"Using Prycize has been very helpful in creating reference photographs of my vintage glass collection"

Lucy Barton