About Prycize

Prycize® tools were first conceived when photographing childhood toys rediscovered in a long forgotten box in the corner of an attic.   
Capturing good images of these small items was fairly simple - discerning their size or height in a photograph was not.  
Including commonly recognisable objects such as coins, drinks cans and other items alongside an object in a photograph helped give a rough sense of scale but could not provide a measurement.   
To obtain a height measurement alongside an object, focus turned to adhering rulers on end, laying objects flat alongside a ruler or use of generic height gauges.  This was not without problems.  When adhesives were used to help a ruler stand vertically on end, often it would fall over before taking the picture or leave a sticky residue on the surface when removed.  Characters, numbers and scales were sometimes unclear or not correctly orientated when repositioned.  Laying a ruler alongside an object meant taking a picture from above, constraining the depth of field and preventing use of cycloramas and other photographic equipment.  Other generic gauges used too much frame space, impacted the quality of the resulting photograph or presented other issues.

All of these approaches limited the photography and subsequently the resulting image in one way or another.  

A solution was needed: Prycize -  A range of high quality height measuring tools designed specifically for use in the art of photography of small to medium sized objects. 

Prycize Ltd is located on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset, the southern-most tip of the English Jurassic coastline

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